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  • Latisse is a medicine based on the active ingredient of Bimatoprost. This substance is a synthetic analogue of prostaglandins, which are produced in the human body and perform a number of vital functions. Among these functions, the regulation of intraocular pressure and eyelash growth can be distinguished. Initially, Bimatoprost was developed for the treatment of glaucoma. The drug relaxes the blood vessels in the eyeball, normalizing the vision in patients. Bimatoprost is used in the form of eye drops. During the studies, it was observed that patients in the control group not only improved their vision, but also the eyelashes became much thicker and longer. After the publication of these results, Generic Latisse Online was used in trichology for the treatment of hypotrichosis (insufficient growth of eyelashes). In 2008, the Food and Drug Administration of America (FDA) authorized the use of Bimatoprost in cosmetology.



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    Sandoz announced the launch of Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution, the generic version of Allergan's Latisse. Latisse, a prostaglandin analogue, is indicated to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashes by increasing their growth, including length, thickness, and darkness. The growth of eyelashes is believed to occur by increasing the percent of hairs in, and the duration of the anagen or growth phase.

    How does Generic Latisse (Bimatoprost) 0.03 3ml work?

    Bimatoprost dilates the blood vessels and stimulates circulation in the tissues of the eyelids. Generic Latisse (Bimatoprost) 0.03 3ml also stimulates the cells of the ciliary papillae, forcing them to work more actively. As a result, the activity of the hair follicles intensifies and the dead hair follicles are restored. After 1-2 months, you can see the first results: eyelashes are much less prone to give up, become thicker, longer and thicker.

    What does Generic Latisse Online work for?

    The indicators of use Generic Latisse (Bimatoprost) 0.03 3ml are:

    *glaucoma (a disease characterized by increased intraocular pressure and visual impairment);
    *eyelash growth dysplasia;
    *loss of eyelashes due to hormonal disorders, stress, various diseases.

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    How to use Latisse?

    Generic Latisse (Bimatoprost) 0.03 3ml contains 0.03 % bimatoprost ophthalmic solution that works in extending the anaphase stage of eyelash growth. Apply Latisse Bimatoprost every day before going to bed by applying the remedy with an applicator along the eyelash growth line. If you miss a day, continue to use Latisse under the usual regimen. Consult a physician before buying Latisse eye drops to grow the lashes.

    Side effects

    If you experience any side effects after using Latisse, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Often the symptoms are only observed in the first few minutes after the use of drops and disappear quickly, but sometimes you may need help.

    *dry eyes;
    *eyelid nodule;
    *itching and burning eyes;
    *redness of the eyes and eyelids;
    *increased sensitivity to light;
    *sensation of a foreign body in the eyes;
    *the stopping effect (if you stop using Latisse, the eyelashes may return to their previous state).


    To avoid the effect of stopping , give your body enough vitamins and trace elements to minimize the mechanical effect on your eyes. Limit any factors that may adversely affect the condition of the lashes (baths in salt or chlorinated water, eyelash extension, lower quality mascara).

    Someone is not suitable use Generic Latisse (Bimatoprost) 0.03 3ml:

    *Diabetes mellitus;
    *Under age of 18 years;
    *Eye surgery;
    *Pregnancy and lactation;
    *Hypersensitivity to Latisse components;
    *Severe hypotension (low blood pressure);

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